Flying squad clamps down marijuana cultivation in Mouille Point

South Africa - Cape Town - 17 February 2019 - The Fan leaves of the Marijuana plant adhere to symmetry and grow in pairs from the main stem and branches. The leaves also help to distinguish between indica and sativa marijuana. Dark, wide leaves for indica and light green, lean slender fingers for sativas. Hybrids are a blend of the two. They soak up the light available, and internally the Phloem transports the energy throughout the rest of the plant. The phloem is the living organism inside the plant that distributes the organic compounds that are created during photosynthesis. Known as translocation, this transport process ensures the proper growth and development of the plant. Fan leaves are essential to photosynthesis and should never be pruned excessively. Shade leaves can be removed late in bloom if blocking lower bud sites. In September 2018, Deputy Chief Justice, Raymond Zondo and the Constitutional Court of South Africa officially legalised Marijuana/Cannabis/Dagga use in a private capacity. The government since then has 24 months to officially write this bill into law. Zondo clarified that it is now up to the ruling ANC to decide what quantities are allowed per person, and it must strictly be based on personal use. The official line is that adults are allowed to grow, use and cultivate the substance on their own property. However, dealing, selling or smoking it outside the confines of your own home remains an illegal practice.

A 37-year-old man was arrested on Sunday January 19, and detained at Sea Point police station on charges relating to the cultivation of dagga. This comes after SAPS Flying Squad members responded to information that a flat in Beach Road, Mouille Point, was being used to cultivate large amounts of dagga. On their arrival, at around 2pm they entered the flat and a hydroponic lab in one of the rooms.

Police found 75 dagga plants under lights to be dried, chemicals and various cultivation equipment including an inverter and water cooler machine. Plants and and cultivating equipment with a street value of R1.5 million were confiscated. The suspect will appear before the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court.

Meanwhile, on Sunday January 19, Green Point Central Improvement District officers helped arrest two men in connection with a theft of out of a motor vehicle. The officers patrolling the area noticed a car that had a broken window. There were some items lying outside of the car and when the officers checked inside the car, they saw the two men in the boot and immediately called the police. The suspects were arrested and detained at the Cape Town central police station.