Focus on the big picture

Elizabeth Siegenthaler, Sea Point

Yes, Joanna, Nola and Herman, in a perfect world your ideas are wonderful and how I wish for this to happen. Unfortunately this is 2016 and we can’t just focus on the “small picture” but the big picture.

I, too, have spoken to many street people and 99 percent of them are against shelters. As they say that is why they left help and families, as they choose to live as they do. But lo and behold, if they want something from me food, money, clothes then they will humble themselves in a manipulative manner to obtain what they want, proven over and over.

Without any disastrous future events, the only solution is a “home” as The Ark. Google it for them, to which they will be moved by law enforcement and police so they can learn skills. Having shelters is not going to magically stop drugging, prostitution, fighting and so on, in town and the suburbs. It will probably just grow. Let’s do this sensibly and be realistic.