Former pupils come together for 50th reunion

Former head girl Brenda Kaye Kerbel and current head girl, Buhle Mvandaba.

There was lots of love and laughter when the Good Hope Seminary High class of 1970 came together for their 50th reunion last month.

The school song was sung by the former and current generations to start the ceremony on Friday February 28.

In welcoming the women, this year’s headgirl, Buhle Mvandaba said: “It has been half a century since the old girls left the school with big dreams and aspirations of their own. We truly hope that this reunion is one that is unforgettable.”

She said that when she was told that she would be giving a speech at the reunion, she immediately felt the pressure, however, “I feel privileged to stand here before you because before everything we are family.”

Taking them on a trip dowm memory lane, Buhle said she hoped that the women rekindled their connection with the school and among themselves.

In addition, she said, she was grateful for the way the women have paved, one that breaks away from the social norms.

“Today, girls like myself are fully encouraged and equipped for the challenges society will throw at us. It is because the women I stand before that we can push boundaries that determine where women may or may not go, do or may not do and who they should or should not be.”

She said that she is “super proud” to be part of the family that stipulated growth and promoted women empowerment.

She said the experience at the school had taught her and the younger girls to unlearn conventional standards and set their own.

“I speak on behalf of all the young girls when I say that we are very honoured to be part of the Good Hope family.”

In closing , she said, “I would like to thank you all for clearing your busy schedules and visiting us today and I hope this experience is very worthwhile, thank you so much.”

The former head girl of 1970, Brenda Kaye Kerbel, a medical doctor, gave thanks to the girls, the deputy principal and all the old girls who made it to the reunion.

She said that the women come together as a group who have shared common experience and a journey together at a time “we thought
we knew it all, and how wrong we were.”

She said that they also shared the pain of all the other girls they have lost and to those who are currently ill, she wished good health.

Regarding their time at the school between 1966 to 1970, she said there are memories that stood out for her such as the opening of the swimming pool in 1966.

“We had tirelessly collected funds with our junior school, where our class was fortunate to be at the grand opening of the pool.”

One of her fondest memories dates back to 1969 where television was of no existence, “we huddled up in the classroom tuned into the SABC radio station and actively listened to the historic moon landing.”

She said that old girls are still as young as they remember, except now they are more experienced when it comes to most things and “we now wear spanx”.

In concluding her speech, she said that the girls should do what they want and love in life because that is where happiness lies.