Freak accident under investigation

Police have confirmed that they are investigating the death of a woman who appeared to have been killed in a freak accident in an elevator lift.

ER24 spokesman Russel Meiring said a woman, believed to be in her 20s, was killed on Thursday April 20, at a residence in Tamboerskloof.

He added that ER24 paramedics, along with Community Medics, Life Healthcare and Metro Services, arrived on the scene and were lead to a small external lift outside of the home.

“Upon closer inspection, paramedics found the woman lying trapped inside the glass elevator,” said Mr Meiring.

“Rescue technicians had to remove the glass panels, allowing paramedics access to the patient.

“Upon assessment, paramedics discovered that the woman had sustained a fatal injury and showed no signs of life.

“Unfortunately, nothing could be done for the woman and she was declared dead on the scene. The exact cause of the incident is not yet known but local authorities were on the scene for further investigations.”

Captain Ezra October, spokesperson for Cape Town Central police station, said the victim was a Zimbabwean woman in her early thirties.

However, he said they could not release a name until her family had been informed.

“The investigating officer is still trying to establish what had happened. At the time of the arrival on the scene she had already been moved. This is highly unusual,” said Captain October.