Friends will continue to maintain pavilion

Last Tuesday the Friends of Sea Point Pavilion (FSPP) announced that they would continue their commitment to ensuring that the Sea Point promenade forecourt was enjoyed responsibly and to raise funds to maintain the popular area.

The Sea Point swimming pools need constant maintenance.

The FSPP, in collaboration with the City of Cape Town, are responsible for the forecourt which is the area overlooking the Sea Point swimming pools. It’s an inviting area to have a meal and drink from one of the kiosks, rent a bicycle or to simply gaze at the Atlantic seas.

The seating area at the Sea Point forecourt is ideal for sunset and street food from the various kiosks.

“We have an agreement with the City to manage this space and we need money to look after these pools which is visited by thousands of people. This place has personality and colour and we got this place clean and continuing to maintain it. The main objective is to take the income from the forecourt and plough it back into the swimming pool,” said Ram Barkai, chairman of the FSPP.

Ram Barkai, chairman of the FSPP, addressing the crowd at the forecourt.

Ward 54 councillor Nicola Jowell thanked the FSPP for their role in maintaining the forecourt area and for managing the swimming programmes at the pools where people are given free swimming lessons every Saturday by the NSRI and lifeguards.

“You cannot underestimate the role that the FSPP plays in the partnership here; this community led management of the pavilion makes it easier for the City to know what to do. They keep us informed about what’s happening here, small things and big problems, and they are a dedicated group, their role is beneficial for the community,” said Ms Jowell.

Ward 54 councillor Nicola Jowell thanking the community organisation for their role.