Fur model makes a break in film industry

Four-month old Harry was the first puppy to star in a photoshoot through the AtFrits Modelling Agency.

Four-month old pug Harry had his time to shine last week when he did his first photo shoot for an international clothing brand for children.

The puppy, who is at doggy-day care at AtFrits in Bree Street, was the first model to do a shoot through the AtFrits Pet Modelling Agency.

Harry’s owner, Amy Hope-Sotherton, was very proud of her fur-child.

“He absolutely loved it. The shoot was very well organised. He had a play area on set and lots of spoils and attention, so he did great.”

The modelling agency was formalised two weeks ago, after getting numerous requests for four-legged models from the film industry in the past, said owner of AtFrits pet hotel, Yanic Klue.

“We have about 130 dogs in the hotel on any given day, so it is perfect for scouters to come to us and say ‘I’m looking for a dog’.

“There’s such a need for it and it makes it easier for the film industry to find pet models they need, especially with the influx of production companies and filming in Cape Town.”

Ms Klue said Harry had been at the hotel’s day-care for about a month – since he was three months old.

“He comes to school three times a week and now he is posing for an international brand. They needed a puppy with his look and he was booked.”

Ms Hope-Sotherton, who is from Green Point, said because Harry was still a puppy, he didn’t need any grooming. “The pictures I used to show him off were pictures I took on my phone. He had the right temperament for this shoot.”

Ms Klue said that because all dogs had the potential to model, as people have different requirements, there is a fee to get your dog or cat onto the online platform.

“Companies will go onto the website and book the dogs or cats according to the requirements of the film company. And when a dog or cat is booked for a shoot, then we send an animal behaviourist along to help with what the dog or cat needs to do.”

While they have never had a cat cast, Ms Klue said there is a category for cats as well.

“We’ve even received a request for ducks and ducklings.”