German school celebrates 135th anniversary

Julia Engelhard-Laufs, chairperson of the school board, Premier Helen Zille, Professor Johann Maree and DSK headmaster Alexander Kirmse.

The German International School Cape Town (DSK) is marking its 135th anniversary since the foundation of the school in 1883.

This milestone was celebrated at the pre-opening evening, “Bavarian Sundowner”, of the DSK Bazaar on Friday November 2.

Numerous members of the school community, as well as invited guests, sponsors and partners of the school, enjoyed the festivities.

Headmaster Alexander Kirmse stated in his toasting speech: “We live our motto – ‘Be your best’ – in the best sense of the word, with the goal that every child can fully develop their potential academically, socially and personally.”

The German government still plays a significant role in the development of the school and provides substantial financial, personnel and pedagogical support.

In the 1980s during apartheid, the DSK introduced an English stream and offered South African children of all races and of disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to attend the school.

The school currently welcomes over 900 pupils from more than 25 nations with different cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds.

“This diversity makes us who we are. We believe that only by living in diversity, integration and appreciation of all, can we successfully learn from each other and with each other,” said Mr Kirmse.

English-speaking children can enrol at the DSK in Grade 5. By the time they matriculate, they will be bi- or even multilingual and have the chance to graduate with the German Language Diploma II.

The IEB- National Senior Certificate together with the Language Diploma gives the graduates the opportunity to study at numerous international universities and higher education institutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, opening the doors to an international career.