Good service at Woolies

Sheila Shapiro, Vredehoek

I read in the Atlantic Sun about Adrian Poole complaining about the poor service he received from a branch of Woolworths (“Customers cry fowl over chicken”, Off My Trolley, August 9).

I have had exactly the opposite experience over many years of shopping in this store.

I’m frequently at the Gardens centre as I live in the area and am always impressed by the great service and helpfulness of the management and staff.

Just recently, I purchased a few items and casually asked the woman at the flower section when I was unable to get an alstroemeria Peruvian lily which I used to have in my garden before moving to a nearby retirement village.

She called the manager who asked for my name and telephone number and promised to let me know when the flowers were available. I paid for my purchase and was pushing my trolley towards leaving the centre when I heard my name called and there was the manager who had found a couple of bunches of Alstroemeria.

I was delighted and chose one bunch and offered to go back to the store and pay for it but the manager said it was a gift as it was Women’s Day.

I was overwhelmed and touched by this kind gesture. It just confirms my view that Woolworths looks after their customers and I certainly had my usual excellent service.