Grade 10 pupil’s dream inspired award-winning story

German International School Cape Town (DSK) Grade 10 pupil Anna Lear Pinkney received a certificate of excellence for her short story in the Authors Assemble writing competition for young adults.

Her story was published in a new digital anthology showcasing 13 original tales involving the bizarre, mysterious and thrilling.

Anna, 15, was in born in Vienna, Austria.

Her story is about a boy named Benedict who lives with his aunt and has no idea of what he is really capable of until he meets Katharine, a shapeshifter who trains him.

Nathaniel, Benedict’s so-called friend also has a power of his own, which he uses to capture and manipulate Benedict.

A story of self-discovery, friendship and betrayal begins to unfold.

On what inspired her to write the story, Anna said: “I had a dream, the same vision my main character, Benedict, kept having in my story, before he met the shapeshifter, Katharine.

“I was contemplating writing a story about it, and then the opportunity arose. I love fantasy novels as a creative outlet in general.”

She said the word count of a short story limited her ability to develop the characters but she may do so at a later stage.