Grass being replaced in Mouille Point

The work is expected to be completed in the next few weeks

The grass along the Mouille Point promenade is being rehabilitated

The contractor who planted the new grass is currently replacing the grass in the Mouille Point area that has died. They will also be laying new grass in the area around the Rhino which was damaged when an underground leak was fixed.

Ward councillors confirmed that the contractor who will create the berms has now been appointed after the previous contractor withdrew in February.

Ward 115 councillor, Ian McMahon, said the contractor will be starting with berms next week, planting two types of coastal vegetation.

He said he’s satisfied with the project and has held a meeting with the City’s parks department to get an update.

He said they now understand some of the mistakes which had been made when the grass was previously replaced, among which was the amount of soil used. They are now working to correct those mistakes so that they don’t face the same problems as before.

He said there hadn’t been adequate drainage and they’ve invested in equipment which will help drain the water.

He said they were expecting to complete the project in the next few weeks. “We’ve done a progress inspection of the Mouille Point promenade grass upgrades and we’re happy with the progress as work continues and we look forward to getting this finished shortly,” Mr McMahon said.

Commenting on the progress, resident, Mariel Burger, said the serious drought a few years ago saw the Mouille Point promenade and dog park go through a rough time, “leaving many of the once verdant lawns stripped of vegetation”.

”Rehabilitation has been taking place with new grass types that are more resistant to drought while being able to withstand the salt from the ocean. We thank the ward councillors for driving this project. We love our hood and so do our dogs,” he said.

Another resident, Inga Murray, said the promenade in the Mouille Point area had been in a sad state for years. “We watched this precious area turn into something we couldn’t recognise. I’m happy that work is being done to bring life back to this vital part of our community,” she said.