Greatful thanks

Rebecca Crane, Tamboerskloof

On Monday October 16 around 5pm, our chimney caught alight.

The fire rapidly spread to the beams and the ceiling and soon the whole roof was on fire.

Through the challenges that followed this initial spark, this horrible situation we never dreamed we’d be facing, we have been touched by the generosity of heart of friends and strangers.

Neighbours who comforted our children and nanny and then us when we arrived on the scene, who have taken in our smoky possessions, friends who came to rescue what they could and offer support, countless messages and other offers of help.

What I would like to address here, for all the residents of our area to hear, was the amazing and thoughtful actions of our fire brigade and other rescue services.

Two police cars secured the area, preventing other cars from blocking the way and keeping countless onlookers safe as well as co-ordinating other rescue services.

Thankfully we did not require medical attention but an ambulance was available for this purpose.

A fire engine was on the scene quickly and the personnel jumped efficiently into action. They bought the fire under control but at the same time managed to rescue treasured possessions from pictures we have on the wall (several of which are pieces of our children’s art and sentimental photos) to photo albums and computers.

They rapidly moved furniture out of their way and thoughtfully covered what they could in a waterproof tarp to limit the water damage.

When we were finally able to get into the wreckage of the house, they were sweeping out burnt timbers and fallen debris.

As I thanked them for their great work they could only focus on what they could not save, several of them apologising for a trunk of letters that had been destroyed. They were kind, understated, professional and thorough. They served our city and our family magnificently that day.

We would like to honour and thank them.