Green Point CID area ‘thriving’

The Green Point CID is celebrating 15 years of operating in the area.

The Green Point City Impro-vement District (GPCID) turns 15 this year and can be seen as an example for future public private partnerships, said ward councillor Dave Bryant.

“Fifteen years ago, the area consisted mainly of light industrial businesses and derelict buildings.

“Through cooperation and an immense amount of hard work between the Green Point CID and the City we have managed to turn Green Point and De Waterkant into one of the shining jewels of Cape Town. The area is now a thriving business and entertainment hub with residential properties very hard to come by.”

Mr Bryant added that the City was proud of their Special Ratings Areas (SRAs) and the Green Point CID is one of the most successful in the country.

“They do not have the large budgets that some of the other SRAs have but manage to do an incredible amount of good work.

“This is the sort of model we would like to see rolled out in other CBDs where SRAs are in operation.

“The City is committed to public-private partnerships and we will continue to give more opportunities to the private sector in order to improve the way our City is run.”

He said that although the Green Point CID would not be classified as a community organisation, they do hold public meetings and are always open to engage with residents and businesses if needed.

”It is important for residents to get involved in their communities,” he said.

GPCID chief executive, Mark Truss, said that initially it was difficult to get going when they started 15 years ago.

“CIDs in the past were an unknown entity. Thus, we were perceived initially as a threat to the City of Cape Town and the various service providers that were in the area at the time, when in fact today we stand as a top-up service to the services the City already provide.

“It was a group of vested property owners who had properties and or businesses in the area that took up the challenge of establishing the Green Point City Improvement District to make a difference.”

He also said that the area had changed since they started.

“It has evolved completely, with close to R3 billion in property value being developed in the area from commercial to residential to retail to shopping centres. Besides the area itself, the areas between buildings have been improved through landscaping, cleansing and security. There has been an influx of residents, businesses and of course the development of the Green Point Stadium all of which our GPCID staff help keep clean and safe.”

Mr Truss said that funding remained a challenge facing the CID but he encouraged community members to particpate.

“It is always encouraging to have the support of our community, which boosts our morale.”

Mr Truss said he was happy with the support they had received from local goverment.

However, he added: “I do believe that there is still a perception that many City officials are not aware of our capabilities, which once they have a better understanding of, would garnish additional support as needed.”