Help find my uncle

Adam Cornelius Jacobus Willemse

Lana Matthys, Upington

I am looking for my uncle Adam Cornelius Jacobus Willemse, also known as Boetie, but he also uses a false name, and he is originally from Upington.

He is 61 years of age and was born on January 20,1958.

His latest address on the system shows Tamboerskloof Bayview 8, but it is old, dating back to 2014.

The latest address used for his ID application was the Haven Night Shelter in Napier Street, but it is confirmed that most homeless people use this address because they have none other to use.

I contacted the Haven Shelter but they don’t have any records of him. We heard that he dwells between the Cape Town Parade, CBD and the Sea Point area.

Most homeless people recognise his photo. We asked a lot of shelters to put his photo up. Maybe he visits the shelter or maybe someone knows or recognises him. We aim to put his poster at local clinics, hospitals and around town.

We also contacted a lot of different soup kitchens who give food to homeless people daily. He doesn’t look familiar to them but they are willing to put up his poster for the rest of the homeless people to spread the word.

Apparently he broke his arm and is currently wearing a cast. His mother of 93 years of age really longs for him and wishes they can be united soon.

We would really love to bring him back home to us.

The Western Cape Missing Persons’ Unit also assisted us, but we realised that my uncle’s search requires more legwork. This was when some good Samaritans formed a group and whenever they have an off day and extra time, they will walk the CBD and Sea Point areas.

I am very grateful for their help, as they are sacrificing they own time on a volunteer basis as we are too far in Upington to physically help search for him.

We formed a WhatsApp group for all who are helping and involved, so that all of us can be up to date.

They usually search on Sundays as the CBD area is quieter, and they then have free time. We will remain hopeful and positive that we will find him sooner than what we thought.

I humbly ask all readers to please assist by spreading the news, and to share it with the fellow homeless people in hopes that he might be familiar to them.

Apparently there is a bridge between Sea Point and the CBD where homeless people stay – chances are good that he might be there.

Thank you for being willing to assist.