Help uplift Sea Point

Helene Turvey, Sea Point

I attended the Sea Point, Fresnaye and Bantry Bay ratepayers’ meeting on Wednesday March 14.

The event seemed divided between those who care about the fast diminishing charm of Sea Point streets and those who self-claimed themselves as the “saviours of Sea Point”, but in reality, have only provided us with high density, aesthetically dubious architecture and a McDonald’s.

If these developers are serious about uplifting Sea Point, may I suggest they start with funding the renovation of all beach facilities and access points. The stairs at Saunders and Queens beaches are in dire need of repair and as JP Smith and ward councillor Shayne Ramsay noted: money for these repairs has been diverted to the water crisis.

If the ultimate plan is to make the whole of the SFB suburbs look like the eyesore of Pavilion Place, then developers are on track, but your legacy will have the same disdain.