High level of disgust

Michael Broomberg, Sea Point

I want to express my total disgust with the state of High Level Road between Glengariff and St John’s Road.

At every area where new construction has taken place (new blocks of flats) the road surface is absolutely disgusting.

There are patches that are below the surface and patches that are bumps which will eventually wreck the suspension and shocks for most vehicles travelling that stretch except of course those expensive SUVs.

The developers at those areas should be held accountable and restore the roads to the condition they were before their trucks destroyed the surface. It seems that whoever has resurfaced those areas have done a very crappy haphazard job which is really sad, and I honestly don’t think it is the responsibility of the municipality to resurface the roads where developers have destroyed it.

And in addition to this, why is the road being resurfaced at the end of Beach and King’s Road circle?

This is a traffic nightmare in addition to the other traffic nightmares in Sea Point.

There was nothing wrong with the surface, and I don’t understand why this operation was sanctioned when we have more important issues to apply those funds to, like the water crisis?

There was nothing wrong with that surface as well as the stretch of Beach Road that was resurfaced a month or two ago, also causing yet another traffic nightmare.

Can’t we have the City of Cape Town inspect the roads once the construction has been completed and have the developers or whoever is responsible repair the damaged road as well as the damaged pavements?

It seems like nobody wants to take responsibility for anything these days. High Level Road used to be a pleasure to drive many years ago before these (people) started building.