Homeless man evicted from Tramway Road

The occupant was moved by Law Enforcement officers.

A homeless man was evicted from Tramway Road in Sea Point last Wednesday after a court order was issued.

Nicola Jowell, councillor for Ward 54, said the proper procedure was followed to evict the man from the space.

The court order was issued on July 26 and it could only be carried out after September 8.

“During August I accompanied Social Development to the location and we offered assistance with reunifying the occupants with their family or space in a shelter or safe space. There was an acceptance of this offer and social development returned on numerous occasions during August to assist in proactively relocating the person to their family. But after three weeks it became apparent that the offer would not be taken up,” Ms Jowell said.

Ms Jowell said the property has been cleared and is under constant supervision to prevent anyone from putting up a shack there.

“The site on Tramway Road has been a continued worry and source of frustration for the surrounding residents and the local school. The streets are not a dignified or healthy place to live and this has a considerable impact on the surrounding community too,” she said.

Patricia van der Ross, mayoral committee member for community services and health, said the occupants were provided assistance before the eviction.

“The family members were agreeable to having him return home to Factreton, and he initially expressed his willingness to do so. However, he changed his mind and opted to join a camp in Hout Bay instead of returning to his family in Factreton. While this choice is entirely within his rights, Social Development and Early Childhood Development’s commitment to his welfare remains steadfast,” said Ms Van der Ross.

Wayne Dyason, Spokesperson for the City’s Law Enforcement, who participated with the removal, said they worked under the supervision of the Sheriff of the Court, who is in charge of carrying out the eviction warrant.