How to use prescription in your defence

Brenda Fisher wanted to know how to go about having her debt prescribed. She asked: “I have not received statements for more than three years and no calls from debt collecting companies. How do I go about doing this?”

It is an interesting question and this is what the Credit Information Ombudsman said.

“Ms Fisher should get a copy of her statement to make sure she has not paid any money in the past three years. She should also ensure she has not in the last three years acknowledged the debt in any way and that no summons was served on her at any point in those three years.”

She should also check that no judgment was issued for the debt, the ombudsman said.

Ms Fisher would then have to write a letter to the credit provider giving them her current address, informing them that she would like to raise prescription as a defence and the credit provider must acknowledge receipt of the letter

“Raising the defence of prescription is her responsibility. If Ms Fisher doesn’t do anything there is the risk the credit provider can take legal action against her at her old address, if it has changed and she may get a judgment which will be valid for 30 years,” the ombudsman said.

Ms Fisher can contact the credit provider but it is very important she does not admit to the debt or promise to pay. She should ask the credit provider what they intend doing about the old debt.

If her address has changed she should notify them in writing, and make sure she gets an acknowledgement.

“A credit provider may continue to collect on an outstanding bill, but, if during the last three years the credit provider has received no payment, and if Ms Fisher did not admit to the debt, and she has not received a summons initiating legal proceedings, then she has a valid defence of prescription,” the ombudsman explained. In legal terms, prescription is a special plea, but it is easier to refer to it as a defence against a claim.

So even though the credit provider can collect on this outstanding amount, once they have issued summons she can go to court and offer prescription as a defence.

The credit provider would not be able to obtain a judgment against her and without a judgment they cannot collect the debt.

The ombudsman said it is important that Ms Fisher gives the credit provider and their collecting agents her address, so that if they serve a summons on her, she gets it.

“If Ms Fisher does not respond to the summons, the credit provider will obtain a default judgment against her, which will be on her credit records for the next five years, and the judgment itself is valid for 30 years.

“It is, therefore, very important that she gets the summons and then defends it by raising prescription as a special plea.”

Visit www.creditombud, or email or call 0861 662837 for help.


Stephen Cloete


Review: Brian Joss

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