How yoga can help improve mental well-being

Yoga instructors Anja Weihe and Kay-Marie Carlsson practise asanas (yoga poses).

With Mental Health Awareness Month being marked in October, two yoga instructors want to highlight the role yoga can play in promoting and improving mental well-being.

Anja Weihe, 49, from Gardens and Kay-Marie Carlsson, 39, from Pinelands, will be facilitating a five-day yoga course from Tuesday October 15 to Saturday October 19 through the Art of Living (AOL) non-profit organisation.

AOL, which operates in more than 154 countries, was founded in India in 1981 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Ms Weihe, who offers Sri Sri Yoga at her Gardens studio has been part of AOL for 19 years.

“They do self-development courses which includes breathing techniques, yoga and meditation,” she says.

Ms Carlsson, who has been affiliated with the organisation for 11 years, says she has seen the huge benefits yoga can have for those with mental health issues.

“Yoga helped me deal with my anxiety problems and helped me with my self-esteem,” she says.

Ms Weihe says what you practise on the yoga mat continues into your everyday life.

“You do things mindfully, you train your body, you have more self-awareness, you manage to calm yourself,” she said.

For more information on the five-day Sri Sri Yoga course, contact Ms Weide at 078 040 6638 or Ms Carlsson at 082 319 1730.

You can also call Ms Carlsson for information about the free yoga class she will be conducting on World Mental Health Day on Wednesday October 10.

World Mental Health Day is observed annually on October 10 and raises awareness of mental health issues.