Integrate our society

Michael Naiker, Gardens

I’ve been watching with interest the recent developments regarding affordable housing close to the city.

As Jacky Poking of the Bo-Kaap Civic and Ratepayers’ Association correctly points out: “… no social housing has been made available near the city since 1994…” (“Ratepayers support social hous- ing”, Atlantic Sun, June 23).

Driving through the Bo-Kaap and looking at the area using Google Earth, one can see there appears to be quite a bit of land available in this area as well.

Bo-Kaap is ideally suited for affordable housing as it is on the direct fringe of the CBD itself.

The use of land there would serve those travelling great distances who work in the CBD, Green Point as well as the Waterfront area.

Areas such as “The Kraal” and the quarry area have always been problematic to residents – these are ripe for development, as well as the portions of vacant land in the upper Bo-Kaap area.

There have also been concerns of gentrification of the area – more affordable housing would provide more balance.

Obviously one has to be sensitive as to the historically sensitive nature of the architecture found in the lower Bo-Kaap, but that does not exist in the upper area where the empty land appears to be.

Obviously some may belong to national government and some to the defence force, but they too need to “come to the party” in the interests of an integrated society.