Into Orbit

The DSK Robotics team Team ASAP won the National First Lego League Championships (FLL) in Johannesburg on December 1 last year, defeating a total of 134 rival teams throughout their journey.

This year’s competition theme, “Into Orbit – looking at how to meet the challenges of space travel”, had the following four components: robot design, robot game, core values and project work.

The team produced excellent results in all four parts of the competition, particularly in their project work. The DSK pupils presented a method on how to generate methane from Mars’ atmosphere and convert it into rocket fuel in order to fuel the journey back to Earth.

The German International School Cape Town has been participating in the FFL Championships since 2014, establishing themselves with improving results every year. In 2015 they placed eighth, a climactic leap was made to third place in 2017 and in 2018 they won the SA championship.

The 2018 FFL World Championships had a record number of 70 000 people walk through their events floors in Houston and Detroit (USA) to celebrate the inspiring young innovators, leaders, and changemakers.

This event is the world’s largest celebration in support of STEM skill development for students, with attendees including about 30,000 students from 74 countries, supported by 6 000 coaches/mentors and 2 400 volunteers, who all are also cheered on by 30 000 sponsors and spectators.

Team ASAP comprised nine pupils and two coaches.