Jordy Smith on being a ’rad dad’

Atlantic Seaboard resident and professional surfer Jordy Smith talks about what fatherhood means to him.

As we celebrate Fathers’ Day professional surfer and Atlantic Seaboard resident Jordy Smith explains what fatherhood means to him.

Jordan Michael Smith, better known as Jordy is a professional surfer and father to young Ziggy.

“One of the biggest things I’m learning as a dad is that nothing else is as important as me being there for my son and putting in time with him. This is cheesy but they say kids spell love as time.

“I want him to know that putting in time with people that are important in his life is the most important things he can do,” he says.

What lessons have you learned from your dad about fatherhood?

I have a newfound respect for my dad and how he brought me up. It’s such a selfless job and he always put me first. I’m learning how patient he was. I believe I’m a good person and have good traits thanks to my parents, so I have been thinking about what they did to instil those good traits in me.

You have interests in multiple businesses. Do you find being in business with family easier?

My dad and I have a surfboard company together. It’s a dream but does come with challenges. My dad built an incredible surfboard business without me and I try to make sure I’m always respectful of that and that I’m adding value to what he’s built, not trying to change it or think my way is the only way.

What advice would you give to first-time dads?

My best advice for first time dads is: it gets easier. There’s going to be times when you’re at your wits’ end, stressed out and don’t know what to do. This passes and once you’re past that initial three months, it just gets better by the day. And, probably more important, support your wife and be there when she needs you. What I’ve seen my wife do as a new mom is amazing, they’re superhuman and it’s the best.