Keep mountain clean

Errol Kope, Sea Point

We are fortunate to live in a City as beautiful as Cape Town.

Most amenities are within easy reach, that includes beaches, mountains and whatever else may attract your fancy.

A usual must-do for locals and visitors alike is usually to summit Lions Head which is relatively safe and within reach to anyone who is reasonably fit and able as well as others who may find it a bit more challenging.

But my real issue is with those types who totally disregard the most simplistic of requests to not litter our mountain, the amount of discarded plastic bottles, plastic punnets, plastic packaging, discarded tissues, discarded wipes and now a new rash of discarded face masks have impacted heavily on our terrain.

Have people lost their sense of common decency and respect for others and the environment? Who do they expect to remove the litter?

The City of Cape Town do not send cleaners on the mountain trails to remove litter, but a few civic-minded Capetonians do take it upon themselves to remove debris where possible, but there are times when they place themselves at risk when bottles have been carelessly discarded and thrown to difficult areas to retrieve so we appeal to users to please take your debris home with your and leave our mountain how you would like to find it, clean, challenging, safe and enjoyable.