Keeping Sea Point officers warm during winter

Residents last week handed over blankets to members of the Sea Point City Improvement District ahead of the cold winter months. Back row from left are Zintle Peter, Linda Kantor, Pindile Gxokonyeke and Elaine Corbett. Middle row, from left, are Elsa Hellman, Farhat Danyal and CPF Chairperson Heather Tager. Front, from left, are Danfred Botha, Knyiso Ntsume, Gloria Linke and Zukisani Qandashecn

Residents last week handed over blankets to the Sea Point Community Improvement District officers to help ward off the cold of winter.

Farhat Danyal, of Sea Point Rotary, said this was their way of showing they appreciated the hard work the officers did.

Many of the Sea Point City Improvement (CID) officers travel from far to work in Sea Point.

Heather Tager, chairperson of the Sea Point CID, said: “I’m very grateful to the people that have donated these blankets. I think that sometimes the hard work the guys do outside goes unnoticed. They do a tremendous job. They are very hard working, and they deserve it.” CID officer Danfred Botha added: “There are people out there who care and want to make the world a better place. For me, it’s not about people appreciating what you do in life, it’s about what you do to change the situation out there. But it’s good to know that there are people appreciating the work.”

Fellow CID officer Zukuzani Qandashe, said they were happy that people saw the hard work they were doing in the area.