Law enforcement catches alleged poaches

During a routine patrol along the coastline, the Law Enforcement Marine Unit noticed a suspicious craft in a poaching hot spot on the Atlantic seaboard.

SAPS with the captured boat allegedly used for poaching

“The crew on board the vessel were kitted out in wetsuits and attempted to flee from our Law Enforcement craft,” said mayoral committee member for safety and security, JP Smith of last Friday’s incident.

Mr Smith added that a high speed chase ensued and that the suspects had run their vessel over rocks before attempting to flee up the rough terrain on the mountain side.

“Our members quickly called in support where multiple Law Enforcement, Traffic Services and Metro Police descended on Victoria Road, Llandudno and were able to cut off the escape path of the suspects,” he said.

Four suspects were arrested and their vessel impounded and handed over to SAPS for further prosecution.

The suspects abandoned their boat and tried to get away on foot up this rocky terrain.