‘Law enforcement needed to calm traffic’

Residents in the area say that Upper Orange Street is still a concern for speeders despite the City recently installing traffic calming measures.

The City of Cape Town last month introduced traffic-calming measures to the suburbs of Oranjezicht and Vredehoek after various speeding complaints.

However, the City Bowl Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association has complained about a lack of traffic officers in the area. Traffic issues for the area were discussed at the Sub-council 16 meeting in June.

Ward councillor Dave Bryant said the newly installed measures included speed humps in the Oranjezicht area in Molteno Road and Breda Street.

“There have also been humps installed in Vredehoek Avenue and Rocklands Avenue nearby. All these roads are located adjacent to schools or parks, which gave them priority. All traffic-calming applications are evaluated by the City’s transport department and, if deemed necessary, are then put forward for installation when budget becomes available,” said Mr Bryant.

”As councillors, we do not have a direct say as to which measures are recommended for installation. We can sometimes provide money from ward allocation funding if there is an approved project which is deemed to be urgent.

“I have received reports of speeding in Upper Orange Street and vehicles using some of the back roads as rat-runs. This does not always warrant physical calming measures though, and sometimes the recommendation is rather for traffic enforcement operations to address speeding.”

Barry Smith, chairman of the City Bowl Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association, said residents frequently complained about speeding, and Upper Orange Street, in particular, was a problem road. “You never see traffic officers in the area, unless there is a film shoot,” said Mr Smith.

He also said that the City seemed reluctant to install speed humps in some areas. “The main thing it comes down to is the densification story. You have more and more people coming in, and this brings more traffic and more problems in rush hour.”