Maiden’s Cove fireworks issue unresolved

The issue regarding the use of fireworks in the Maiden’s Cove area in Camps Bay remains unresolved in the City of Cape Town’s Sub-council 16.

The matter was initially brought forward by the Bungalow Owners’ Association when they submitted a request to have Maiden’s Cove removed as a site for setting off fireworks due to the fire risk to their wooden bungalows during the drought.

In November last year, Ward 54 councillor, Shayne Ramsay, submitted a motion to have the area removed from the approved list for the discharge of fireworks. The motion was seconded by the chairperson of Sub-council 16, Matthew Kempthorne.

Ms Ramsay said apart from the fire risk, and the risk of injury to children and particularly animals, is the urgency of reducing the number of areas where the activity was authorised ( “No more fireworks at Maiden’s Cove, Atlantic Sun, November 30 2017).

The matter was supported by the City’s executive director of safety and security, Richard Bosman, who stated that 2017 was so disastrous that they closed the venue due to the wind and they were concerned about possible fires.

In January this year, the City’s chief fire officer, Ian Schnetler, noted the motion and stated that should the site be removed, an alternate site would need to be provided because they feared that chaos would erupt as the public would discharge fireworks from their homes and in uncontrolled environments.

The sub-council manager, Marius Coetsee, advised that he and Mr Kempthorne would meet with officials from fire and safety and compile a report which would contain all current locations and would seek alternative proposals.

This report was submitted to Sub-council 16 on April 20 and it was recommended that it needed to be tabled at all sub-council meetings. Almost 10 months later, the matter is still unresolved. Ms Ramsay said the issue was not simple, but they were expecting to receive a report from other sub-councils imminently.