Make better use of space

David Pickard, Oranjezicht

I drive past the stadium at Green Point several times a week and see several security guards milling around outside the stadium.

My question is this: are the public allowed to park there during the day and if not, why not?

Parking in town is extremely expensive and the stadium has a MyCiti route close to it which could easily be extended.

Ian Nielson, the deputy mayor of Cape Town, responds:

Casual parking on non-event days is part of the future revenue-generating and utilisation plans for the stadium, however, due processes have to be followed.

As part of the City’s efforts to enhance the sustainability of the Cape Town Stadium, it was recommended that council approve a public participation process for the proposed lease of designated stadium commercial space and parking.

It is proposed that public input be garnered regarding the 10-year lease of internal office space, approximately 5 006 square metres in size and with approximately 1 000 internal parking bays at the Cape Town Stadium.

This proposal follows the recent granting of business rights for the Cape Town Stadium and forms part of a basket of efforts by the City of Cape Town to commercialise the stadium and its surrounds so that it becomes a more viable asset for the residents of Cape Town and the generations to come.

The City has endorsed a business plan which was aimed at optimising the development opportunities and the marketability of the stadium.

It is foreseen that the City would potentially receive lease income from the use of the property by the holder(s) of the rights.

The City’s conservative valuation of the internal rentable spaces, which is based on square metres and excludes VAT, municipal services and parking, includes:

Retail space: approximately R60 a square metre a month

Office space: approximately R40 a square metre a month

Storage space: R20 a square metre a month

The parking space has been valued at an estimated R1 000 a bay a month for basement parking and R500 a bay for designated retail parking.

The public participation process for the lease of internal office and parking space in the stadium will take place over the next three months.