Management rights planned for maze

There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel for the maze in Mouille Point.

This as the City plans to lease out the Mouille Point Maze area and grant long-term rights for its management and control by way of public competition.

When maze owner Jonathan Durr died in 2016 the City of Cape Town took over management of the property, but soon after the maze was closed to the public due to reports of criminal incidents there.

Ward 115 councillor, Dave Bryant, said a great deal of work had been done behind the scenes to evaluate the previous lease and get a new process under way.

He said there was no possibility of any sort of development in the space and the intention was to lease the area as a managed recreational space and retain a component of the maze.

“This is an exciting project and one that I have been driving since taking over in 2016. It will be
fantastic to see the space once again put to a positive use,” he said.

Local resident Tatum Bacher, said the closure was a loss to the Mouille Point area.

“It would be great news to open the maze again. Many wonderful memories were created in this place; it’s such a waste to not utilise it,” she said.

There had been an agreement between Mr Durr and the City who had leased the area to him to run the maze.

Spokesperson for the Mouille Point Ratepayers’ Association (MPRA) Jane Meyer, lamented that the process thus far had been extremely long winded and tied up in “unnecessary red tape”.

“However, the MPRA is delighted that the City plans to lease out the area and we are hoping it won’t be another long process to put a tender document together for what they envisage can take place at the site,” she said.

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