More e-book love

Allison Ceasar, Parow West

I agree with you wholeheartedly on all your points (“My pride and prejudice for e-books,” Atlantic Sun July 26).

I love books. I keep ordering and buying and reading.

I don’t lend out my books. I’ve tried to get others to enjoy it but I gave up. Still trying with my daughters though.

There is nothing like the smell of a book. Can’t get that from e-books.

Lots of portable books for travelling … Can’t get that from a library… Conclusion… if it’s a good book, I want to read it, in whatever form I can get my hands on. Happy reading.

Jo Deacon, Hout Bay

I have just read your column on e-books, and must tell you I am a total fan, but not for the reason you would suppose.

In my 82 years, I finished a book that I started writing 30 years ago and then followed it up with a second one.

This done, now what?

Finding a publisher that will even read it, much less publish it is just about impossible.

I know a very talented writer who has books, short stories and screen plays that he cannot get anyone to even look at.

I, a complete novice, didn’t have a chance I thought.

I gave the first book to a friend who, by some miracle, got it accepted by www – an e-book site and she is editing the second book, to also, hopefully, go onto Kobo’s site.

She also got the first one onto Kindle for me.

So am I an e-book fan? I am indeed.