Motion for summer plan approved

Nicola Jowell has proposed a motion to develop a summer readiness plan for the promenade.

Ward 54 councillor Nicola Jowell’s proposal to develop and implement a summer readiness plan for the promenade and the ward’s beaches was unanimously approved by Sub-council 16 on Monday, July 20.

The sub-council noted that the promenade and Atlantic Seaboard beaches are well used throughout the year but during the festive season, the area is in peak demand.

They said each year, the waste and littering increase and while
the solid waste department does a good
job, more needs to be done to keep the area clean.

They said the litter on the beaches and the promenade end up in the ocean or in stormwater outlets, creating an environmental concern that needs to be prevented and the beauty and the enjoyment of the area is compromised at times.

Ms Jowell said she has seen what the solid waste teams deal with every year and the motion was about prevention rather than reaction.

The sub-council resolved that the summer readiness plan includes that over the peak period increased capacity bins are provided temporarily at designated areas such as the toilet blocks and the coloured wheelie bins in the Urban Park and that they are secured there.

More green bins should be placed along the route and emphasis should be on cleaning in the late afternoon and evening instead of predominantly in the morning.

The sub-council suggested that litter awareness initiatives need to be developed and implemented and street posters be put up.

Ms Jowell said the solid waste department will review the motion and only then a decision can be made.

“This is important for the area and for teams to come together to solve this problem,” she said.