Municipal tribunal information

Guy Robertson,
Camps Bay

In “Flats get green light” (Atlantic Sun, May 16) you report that the eight units will have eight parking bays.

This is not right. Each unit should have at least two or preferably three parking bays, anywhere in Cape Town, especially on a busy scenic drive like in this case where there is hardly any street parking, also for visitors and deliveries.

Original building lines of title restrictions should also remain intact here.

This should also apply to the proposed Lions Hill developments, Tamboerskloof, advertised in The Atlantic Sun (May 16) by SRK Consulting in two advertisements, whoever they are or represent.

Can the City Council please inform us who serves on the Municipal Planning Tribunal, allowing title restrictions/ regulations to be scrapped left and right.

When was this MPT appointed or formed?

City of Cape Town media manager Luthando Tyhalibongo responds:

The Municipal Planning Tribunal (MPT) was established by the City in 2015 in order to meet the requirements of national legislation, among which are the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act, as well as the Municipal Planning By-law.

The members of the tribunal have been appointed by the Council and are professional planners – some are external professional planners, while others are professional planners employed by the City.

The City has also prescribed the applications that the tribunal must make decisions on. All other decisions are made by City -employees.

The City’s Executive Mayor is the final appeal authority in terms of the Municipal Planning By-law. Still, any aggrieved party has the right to take the decisions up for review in a court of law.