Murderer sentenced to life in prison

The sentence was handed down for the murder which took place in 2018

A 29-year-old man was handed a life sentence for the murder of 67-year-old Sea Point resident Peter Scott.

The murder took place in April 2018 at Mr Scott’s apartment after he invited the convicted murderer into his flat.

Security officers at Chartleigh House told the police that they noticed the victim’s vehicle was not in its usual parking.

Through the use of Sea Point licence plate recognition (LPR) camera network, the vehicle was detected leaving the Atlantic Seaboard and information was supplied to the investigating officer.

Sea Point detective Warrant Officer Morne Olivier left no stone unturned and followed up every possible lead, leading to the arrest of the murderer.

Last week, the Western Cape High Court handed down the sentence after the accused was found guilty on a watertight case which the Sea Point Central Improvement District (SPCID) footage formed part of the evidence.

The man was also sentenced to 15 years for robbery.

SPCID chairperson, Jacques Weber said even though this crime took place outside the borders of the CID area, the investment in LPR cameras has had a direct benefit for the entire Atlantic Seaboard in either preventing or stopping severe crime, and in this case ensuring those who commit crimes get their day in court.

He stated: “While this will sadly never bring the victim to life – it will allow his family and friends some closure knowing his murderer is behind bars.”

Sea Point Community Police Forum Heather Tager chairperson hailed Detective Olivier for persevering with his investigation and pulling out all stops to secure the successful conviction.

Mr Scott was the manager of furniture store Block & Chisel in Diep River.