MyCiTi doesn’t work for us

Chaim Myerson, Gardens

I am hoping you can bring to the public’s attention something that affects many users of the MyCiTi bus service.

If you are penalised incorrectly, it is impossible to get a refund. On two occasions, my wife and I had to leave a bus where the Out contraption was not working. This prompted two fines for each of us.

I submitted our claims on Saturday August 12 2017 and as yet have not had our refunds. I have had correspondence with MyCiTi about this (via email so I have the records) and initially the reply stated that the matter was being attended to. And so I waited patiently.

Nothing happened for a couple of months and then I emailed again. No reply. I then sent an email to the mmayor. Once again no reply.

Obviously MyCiTi hopes that by messing me around I will walk away as many people have. I know for a fact that this has happened to other people as I have discussed this with fellow travellers on MyCiTi.

This is just another way that MyCiTi steals our money. Another way they take your money is when you lose your card and when applying for a new one, the cashier does not tell you that your credit balance can be transferred to your new account.

This happened to me and I even asked what would happen to the money in the lost card.

There is obviously someone very incompetent running MyCiTi. That is why so much money was stolen.

This reflects very badly on the City of Cape Town and I for one am seriously questioning why I should put up with this shoddy treatment from a DA-led municipality.

I mean, what kind of political party steals money from people who put it in power? And senior residents to boot.

Brett Herron, City of Cape Town Mayoral committee member for transport and urban development, responds:

Given the technical nature of your enquiry, the City is now conducting a detailed investigation which may take a bit longer to resolve.

We have escalated your complaint and will advise you of the outcome of the process before the end of May.

In addition, the City apologises to the commuter for the inconvenience caused by the wrong information communicated to him by the personnel at the kiosk.

I want to assure the commuter that the card balance – be it Mover Points or money – can and must be transferred to his new myconnect card. Mover points are valid for three years.

Transfers are usually done immediately, provided that commuters arrange for a new card before the expiry date on the front of the myconnect card.

This process of issuing a replacement card, transferring the balance and capturing the commuter’s details will take about 15 to 20 minutes and commuters are therefore advised to save time by completing the application form before visiting the card replacement kiosk if possible.