MyCiTi on the move

Brett Herron, Mayoral Committee Member for Transport and Urban Development, City of Cape Town

“Try better business model” (Atlantic Sun letters, July 20) refers.

Importantly, the automated fare collection system used for the MyCiTi bus service was implemented according to national government regulations. This system may not have been the City’s preferred fare collection system had we had a choice.

We have had to pioneer a system that was largely unique when there are other simpler “off-the-shelf” systems available.

The national government’s intention was to implement an interoperable fare collection system that could be used on any mode of transport anywhere in the country.

The myconnect card is a bank card. As with any bank card, it can happen that a couple of cards within a batch end up with a faulty chip. The City receives these cards from the banking manufacturer, as such, we are not responsible for the quality control of these cards. Any faulty myconnect card can be swopped at no cost to the MyCiTi commuter.

The transfer of money from a faulty card to a new myconnect card can take up to 30 days – this time period is determined by ABSA, as they need to verify the available amount before transfer.

The transfer of Mover Points from a faulty card to a new myconnect card can take between seven and 14 days.

MyCiTi commuters must transfer money or Mover Points on their cards before the expiry date on the card.

Failing to do so, will result in a 30 day waiting period for the transfer of the money or Mover Points to the new myconnect card.

Again, the waiting time is as a result of bank processes beyond the City’s control.

This is why we urge commuters to process their expiring cards before the expiry date on the front of the card.

This message has been repeatedly communicated to commuters.

In addition, the City is working on a real-time passenger information solution that will empower commuters with accurate, up-to-date information about when their bus will depart or arrive.

Real-time information is already being gradually rolled out on passenger information screens in MyCiTi stations, which show the number of minutes until each bus departs.

With real-time information, these times update as the bus moves along its route, taking into account the speed, GPS location and traffic to provide accurate departure times so that commuters can better plan their journey.

We are fast-tracking the roll-out and will make an announcement once the system is available for all buses operating on the MyCiTi network.

Save to say that buses operating on route 104 (Sea Point, Waterfront, Civic Centre) on occasion do get delayed by traffic on the way to the Civic in the afternoon peak at the exit to the V&A Waterfront. We are in the process of making adjustments to our schedules to accommodate these delays.