MyCiTi solutions

“The heat is on” (Atlantic Sun letters, August 17) refers.

It is important to note that the automated fare collection system used for the MyCiTi bus service was implemented according to national government regulations. This system may not have been the City’s preferred fare collection system had we had a choice.

Commuters can buy a myconnect card from selected station kiosks or participating retailers – residents should please phone the Transport Information Centre (TIC) on 0800 65 64 63 for more information on the retailers, or visit

The TIC is available 24/7. With a little planning, one can easily buy a myconnect card, and top up with money or Mover points. Importantly with Mover points commuting on the MyCiTi bus service is 30% lower.

As stated above, myconnect cards are currently available at all kiosks at the MyCiTi stations, card vending machines at certain stations, and retailer networks across the MyCiTi footprint.

I note the resident’s complaint about lack of air-conditioning on the MyCiTi buses.

The City has installed air-conditioners on 16 buses as part of a pilot project to test their efficacy but this has not been successful due to the fact that the bus doors open far too frequently when stopping to allow passengers to embark and disembark.

As such, we do not intend to fit any of the buses operating within the CBD with air-conditioning as this would amount to wasteful expenditure.

That said, we are investigating some alternatives to mitigate the heat during the summer months, including window-tinting, redesigning the windows to incorporate a larger window, and modifying the front of the bus with an open and close flap to force air to enter when the bus is moving.