New hotel planned for Sea Point

Sea Point could have a new hotel aimed at the younger, tech-savvy global traveller.

This follows an application for a new development on the corner of Main and Worcester roads. The application is for rezoning and departures on Erf 419, 18 Worcester Road.

The developer has appointed Dave Saunders Town Planner to submit a planning application on their behalf.

The proposed development is an 11-storey hotel consisting of 135 hotel rooms and 55 parking bays.

The first floor will consist of the hotel lobby and communal dining, lounge and meeting areas. The rooms will be from the second to eleventh floors. The twelfth floor will be a communal area and there will be a roof deck pool area for the guests.

The developer wants the property to be rezoned from General Business Use GB5 to General Business Use GB6 in order to develop the property with a commercial building.

The applicant stated that they want to create a well-located hotel aimed at the younger, tech-savvy global traveller.

They said the site is well-positioned to accommodate such use and a hotel would add to the vibrancy and rejuvenation of the Sea Point Main Road strip.

They added that the hotel will not only make a positive contribution to Sea Point, but also the tourist industry in the Western Cape.

They said the 55 parking bays proposed are considered to be sufficient with due consideration of the hotel location, hotel bicycle hire, hotel shuttle service, Uber, MyCiTi public transport services and the hotel being aimed at the young, high tech, mobile device application savvy target market.

They stated that the development would have low traffic impact and would bring numerous benefits for the surrounding businesses and property owners. “The new hotel will replace a long-standing liquor off-sales which has not made a positive contribution to the surrounding environment. The new hotel will result in a vibrant and safe street-level interface, improved surveillance, ungraded security, and an overall improvement in the use of the property. This will no doubt lead to an enhanced environment.”

The Sea Point Fresnaye and Bantry Bay Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association (SFB) said they were aware of the application and the planning committee would meet in two weeks’ time to discuss the matter further.

The application is open for inspection during office hours at the office of the District Manager, 2nd floor, Media City Building, corner of Hertzog Boulevard and Heerengracht Street, Cape Town. It can be viewed online

Residents have until Monday September 28 to comment.