New signage planned for Kloof Road

An application for traffic calming measures on Kloof Road, Sea Point, was approved.

Kloof Road in Sea Point will soon have clearer and bigger signage thanks to a recommendation by the City’s transport department to Sub-council 16 for traffic calming measures on the road.

This came after Sea Point ward councillor Nicola Jowell submitted a motion to Sub-council 16 in August.

The calming measures applied for included signage, flashing lights and increased road markings.

Sub-council 16 believed that added road warning signs were essential to give drivers increased warning that a school and pedestrian crossing were ahead so they had enough time to reduce their speed.

Ms Jowell requested that school-ahead signage be in-
stalled near Herzlia Weizmann Primary School on both lanes in both directions.

She suggested that orange flashing lights be added to the pedestrian crossing poles and increased road markings be painted on the road to warn of the school and pedestrian crossing ahead.

It was noted that the current signage is fairly close to each other, so the driver’s attention is not drawn quickly enough to notice both signs.

In a document addressed to Sub-council 16, however, the City’s traffic engineering technician, Thulani Makibi, stated that they do not advise the implementation of orange flashing lights due to possible vandalism and maintenance issues.

They recommended that the existing signage must be replaced with a bigger size and different signage class and to relocate the one sign.

Sub-council unanimously approved this recommendation.