No arrests for beach boozers

The warm weather this past weekend attracted hundreds of people to the Atlantic Seaboard beaches and according to Ward 54 councillor, Nicola Jowell, law enforcement officers were present in large numbers across the ward, focusing on illegal drinking in Camps Bay, Maiden’s Cove and Clifton.

Two separate incidents of fighting were reported in which three people were hurt and given medical assistance. There was a joint roadblock with law enforcement and the traffic department on Sunday afternoon and into the evening.

Ms Jowell said law enforcement swept across the beach, confiscating alcohol and over 30 additional law enforcement members, Metro police and traffic arrived in the area and SAPS also diverted some resources from the Cape Town station to assist.

“Law enforcement are there to support SAPS who remain the primary agency dealing with criminality and public safety. Thanks to all the members from law enforcement who were there or who came to assist the local teams,” she said.

She said concerns regarding noisy and anti-social driving in the area continue and were not being ignored and every weekend traffic services are in the area to monitor the situation.

Camps Bay police said they were aware of the unruly and riotous behaviour by some youths who were under the influence of alcohol, on Saturday and Sunday at Clifton’s 3rd and 4th beaches. However, no criminal cases were laid at SAPS Camps Bay and no arrests were made.

● The WatchTower Group assisted in the arrest of two suspects who broke into a parked car in Green Point on Sunday October 4.

The group’s operators were alerted to the suspects feeling the doors of parked cars checking to see which were left unlocked. The suspect opened a BMW’s door which seemed to be unlocked and removed a tog bag from the car.

Operators had dispatched armed response officers and the police. Upon hearing response vehicles driving up the road, the suspects ran and hid behind a parked car. They were arrested and handed over to the SAPS.