No more fireworks at Maiden’s Cove

Maidens Cove will no longer be one of the designated fireworks sites.

Maiden’s Cove in Camps Bay will no longer be a designated place for fireworks to be set off after a motion was submitted to sub-council.

The matter was discussed at a recent Ward 54 committee meeting.

The move has been supported by various role-players, citing safety as the biggest reason for supporting the decision. Maiden’s Cove has been a designated fireworks site in the city for more than a decade.

The site has been used for fireworks on certain special events such as Diwali, Guy Fawkes as well as New Year’s Eve.

Ward 54 councillor Shayne Ramsay said the request to remove the area as a designated site was made by the Bungalow Owners’ Association.

“Each time fireworks come up for discussion, I receive a number of complaints about the fire risk they cause and the potential risk of injury to children and animals.

“The Bungalow Owners’ Association in particular submitted a request to have Maiden’s Cove removed as a site due to the fire risk to their wooden bungalows, particularly during the drought.”

She said that the motion was unanimously supported at sub-council on Monday November 20.

“We will be holding a meeting with key City officials to determine whether or not an additional site is required. The news was welcomed by ward committee members,” said Ms Ramsay.

Nele Vermaak, chairperson of the Bungalow Owners’ Association, said they were happy with the outcome.

She said that while everyone enjoyed fireworks it was a question of discharging it safely. “In a severe drought and during the windy season, it is just not safe to have it anywhere near wooden structures.”

Ms Vermaak added that the association had received a lot of complaints regarding the matter. She said there have also been incidents where children had been hurt.

According to Ms Vermaak, with vegetation being close to the site, it just didn’t make sense for fireworks to be allowed there, particularly after the recent fire in Camps Bay at the 12 Apostles hotel. “There are safer spaces to have it such as the V&A Waterfront,” she said.

Chris Willemse, chairperson of the Camps Bay Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association (CBRRA), said they supported the decision. “It is just too dangerous with green belts being near the site and it is incredibly disturbing for animals. We’re happy to hear that (the site) has been taken away.”

He said the few moments of joy from fireworks were not worth the stress that it caused animals.

Mr Willemse agreed with Ms Vermaak, saying that the V&A Waterfront site would be a more suitable venue.