NSRI appeals for water safety

With the holiday season well under way the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) is appealing to the public to be safe in and around coastal and inland waters.

Rocklands beach in Sea Point is one of the popular spots for people to relax.

Bathers are urged to only swim at beaches protected by lifeguards and swim in between the lifeguards’ safe swimming zone flags posted on the beach.

Lifeguards regularly move these flags when they detect rip currents forming and they are appealing to the public to obey the lifeguards’ instructions to only swim in between their flags, said a statement from the NSRI.

Families visiting the beach should approach the lifeguards if they are separated from family members or if they need assistance.

Fishermen, coastline anglers and hikers are advised to take note of spring tides, one of which peaked on Sunday December 19, and the new moon Spring Tide peaking on Sunday January 2.

The NSRI is appealing to the public to be aware of the higher than normal high tides and lower than normal low tides preceding and following after the spring tides peak day and be cautious around the coastline.

The NSRI urges safety first at the swimming pools.

Boaters, paddlers and sail boarders are urged to wear properly fitting and fastened life-jackets when using their crafts.

“We are appealing to boaters to make sure that their craft are in working order and their motors are serviced before launching,” the NSRI said.

Boaters, paddlers and sailors are urged to download and use the free NSRI RSA SafeTrx cellphone app and have safety equipment and an emergency plan in place.

“We are appealing to parents to make sure that there is a designated responsible person watching over children in and around coastal and inland waters and at swimming pools,” the statement continued.

“The NSRI has developed a safety monitor ID tag to be worn by the responsible person that is overseeing children while they are swimming and to regularly change that responsible monitoring person, who is watching over the children, every half an hour to ensure that that designated person is not distracted by cellphone calls or by conversation during their dedicated monitoring period.

“All water emergency response services, NSRI, lifeguards, ambulance, fire and rescue services, the SA Police Services and local Law Enforcement agencies are dedicated to ensuring the public are safe around water during the festive season.”

Contact details

  • For information on the Safety Monitor ID tag and NSRI water safety tips go to
  • To download the cellphone app, go to https://www.nsri.org.za/water-safety/safetrx/
  • To report an emergency call 112 from your cellphone or call 087 094 9774.
A surfer in the Atlantic waters off Rocklands beach, Sea Point.