NSRI wins two international awards

The NSRI has won two International Maritime Rescue Federation Awards.

The awards, announced last Tuesday, September 14, were dominated by stories of dedication, selflessness, bravery, and innovation.

NSRI rescue boats on the Atlantic waters

The NSRI was given the IMRF Award for Innovation and Technology for their JetRIB, as well as the IMRF Vladimir Maksimov Lifetime Achievement Award for Patrick van Eyssen, who is based at Station 3, Table Bay.

“We are thrilled that the NSRI’s JetRIB Team has won the IMRF’s Innovation and Technology Award that recognises new products and technologies developed that improve the work and success of Search and Rescue (SAR) organisations.

“The NSRI operates in an austere and resource constrained environment and so innovation is a continuous process to ensure that we adapt and flex to the demands for our rescue services in South Africa. We are overjoyed at being recognised by the international SAR community and with our partners to be able to make a contribution,” said Dr Cleeve Robertson, NSRI CEO.

“We are also absolutely delighted that NSRI stalwart, Pat Van Eyssen of NSRI Station 3 Table Bay has won the IMRF Vladimir Maksimov Lifetime Achievement Award that recognises outstanding service to SAR by an individual or organisation.

“There must be very few SAR Coxswains in the world that can boast 50 years of operational service without a break. Pat Van Eyssen has been a crew member at NSRI Station 3 Table Bay since the age of 19 years and a Rescue Coxswain for almost as long.

“His service is exemplary and it is a true honour to have such a remarkable individual as a volunteer. We are extremely proud of Pat who remains an active Coxswain and serves as a mentor to future crews and continues to make a substantial contribution to the service,” said Dr Robertson.

The IMRF Awards were established to recognise search and rescue (SAR) personnel worldwide for their extraordinary efforts, abilities, experience, and commitment, as well as the innovation/technology that advances SAR activities.