Officer arrested on bribery charges

A Camps Bay police sergeant was arrested on a charge of corruption on Friday March 8.

The 41-year-old officer allegedly asked motorists to pay a bribe to avoid being fined at a vehicle checkpoint in Camps Bay.

Western Cape police spokesperson, Captain FC Van Wyk, confirmed that the policeman had been arrested by members of the Western Cape Anti-Corruption Unit when he reported for duty at the Camps Bay police station last week.

He said the officer was detained on a charge of corruption and was due to make a court appearance in the Cape Town Magistrates Court on Friday.

“It is alleged that on January 29, during the night, members of Camps Bay Visible Policing held a Vehicle Check Point (VCP) in Victoria Road, Camps Bay, one of the members induced motorist to pay a bribe to prevent hefty fines for minor traffic offences, like driving an unlicensed motor vehicle,” he said.

Captain Van Wyk said the matter was referred for investigation after information about the incidents were posted on social media.

“We are serious about rooting out corruption in the police and every endeavour will be made to get rid of police officers who are engaged in corrupt activities,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Auxiliary Law Enforcement officers attached to the Cape Town base responded to a call for assistance on the local neighbourhood watch community radio, by City Bowl Armed Response, who were dealing with a rowdy man who was throwing stones at members of the public as well as their officers in Van Riebeeck Park.

On arrival, officers found the man had set fire to the mountainside.

He was detained while officers got a garden hose from a neighbouring house and began dousing the fire.

The City of Cape Town’s Fire and Rescue team as well as Table Mountain National Parks Fire Teams arrived at the scene to fight the fire.

The man was transported to Cape Town Central police station and charged with arson. Officers later found out that this was the second fire the man has been arrested for starting this year, the first one at the end of January this year.