Old age home in need of help

Nazareth House Cape Town

Nazareth House Cape Town is among the non-profit organisations which have been hard hit by the pandemic.

For over 13 decades, Nazareth House has provided a safe space for vulnerable children and the elderly to thrive against the odds.

Facility manager in Cape Town, Lizl Konig said because of Covid-19, they have had to stretch their budget and resources to incorporate personal protective equipment for residents and staff.

She said the organisation, which has a home in Derry Street, Vredehoek, is reliant on donations, but since the Covid-19 pandemic, things have been difficult.

“We work mostly with elderly people and they are at a very vulnerable age, so we do everything we can to protect them. There are donors who are still assisting but the virus has affected some and we are in need of donations, anything to assist our residents,” she said.

She said, since the initial lockdown, the residents have not been able to see their family members as visitors are not allowed.

She said they are doing all they can to virtually connect family members. “We use technology to get our residents to connect with their families members, but it has not been easy.

“Talking to your grandchildren on video calls is not the same as having them physically visiting you.”

She said their residents are in their golden years and the organisation aims to give them a chance to make the most of this time.

“When families bring their loved ones here, they can be certain that they are receiving expert, personalised care in a safe, compassionate environment.”

Ms Konig said their staff have been dedicated to assisting the frail during this difficult time. “Many of our employees have been struggling financially due to changing circumstances at home and we are intent on supporting them every way we can. The work that they continue doing will be a legacy for this organisation. They will tell this story even in 50 years to come that there was such a virus and our strength and resilience were tested but we stood and worked together to care for our residents,” she said.

She said they would appreciate any help from the members of the public, be it donations, volunteering, support their charity shops and campaigns and they would appreciate more hands from social workers and psychiatrists across the city.

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