Oranjezicht artist explores connection, beauty in exhibition

Paula Dubois work is currently being shown at the at The Studio Art Gallery, Harbour Bay Centre

Seeking God and beauty in everyday life has taken Oranjezicht artist, Paula Dubois, on a journey of discovery and transformation.

Connecting – more specifically, connecting human with nature – is a key concept in her art, as is the question: How does it shape us, spending time in nature on a regular basis – or, what do we become if we fail to get out there

She said she longs to paint that which she sees around her and feel within.

“Creatures and corals, a world of beauty unseen, hidden to us above and threatened by extinction. I want us to be aware, to connect with this world of wonder,” she said.

She recalls encountering the Sea Change Project and being fascinated by it.

“Their work of highlighting kelp forests as one of the great natural wonders of the world has opened my eyes to the mystery of Phaeophyta, a marine algae belonging to the same family of organisms as moulds and amoebas and vitally at home in cold water,” she said.

In her latest body of work, Paula has embarked on a new journey, using acrylic artists’ ink on canvas.

This translucent, versatile medium, which can run like water or build a solid, flat surface like rock helps present the nature of that which she depicts.

She also finds great pleasure in painting “with” her subject, often turning to found objects like sticks, seeds, dried kelp and shells.

In some of her new works she has used a sea sponge to create texture.

We are Connected, a solo-exhibition by Paula Dubois, runs until Wednesday March 4 in Simon’s Town at The Studio Art Gallery, Harbour Bay Centre, Corner Main and Dido Valley roads.Call 021 786 9457 for details.