Parking marshals return to Sea Point

Next Tuesday, November 2, parking marshals will return to Sea Point, as well as the Cape Town central business district. More than 200 jobs will be created by the resumption of parking management.

Paying for parking makes a return to Sea Point.

The City of Cape Town will reintroduce a charge for the use of on-street parking bays in Sea Point to maintain a supply of bays for customers. Parking marshals will be trained at Sea Point and deployed in time for the holiday season,“ said the City’s mayoral committee member for transport, Rob Quintas..

“The purpose of charging a tariff for on-street parking bays is to ensure a turnover of bays in popular areas and where people do business. This will benefit business owners because their clients need parking, and those who are looking for parking will also benefit because parking bays will not be hogged for hours on end by the same person.”

The parking tariffs will be R4.80 per 15 minutes and motorists can use cash or pay via Snapscan, debit or credit card.

“We want to inform motorists ahead of time that they will be charged for on-street parking again, given that the management of parking was temporarily suspended since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic last year,” said Mr Quintas.

“Now that life is slowly returning to normal, we expect to see an increase in economic activity. We anticipate that tourists will return to our beautiful city over the festive season, as will visitors from other parts of the country.”

Motorists will be required to pay for parking in advance. This is to avoid people returning to their vehicles and driving away without paying the marshal. The City is currently developing a clamping system and once finalised, repeat offenders who refuse to pay will have their vehicle’s wheels clamped. Parking infringement fines will range between R300 and R1000.

“The purpose of managing parking is to stimulate economic activity and to provide access to businesses who need to create jobs. This is extremely important, in particular now that the City is gearing for economic recovery in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Mr Quintas added that company owners had requested parking management because their clients struggled to locate parking due to the fact that people working in the CBD park in these on-street parking slots for the duration of the day.

“I trust the business community will welcome the news, as will those who have been struggling to find parking in these areas,” he said.