Past pupils visit school for Founder’s Day

Past pupils at Camps Bay High School, Russel Daries, Thimna Tibisono, Lauren Teasdale and Glen Maclachlan.

Head prefects from decades apart met at Camps Bay High School for the Founder’s Day ceremony on Friday, April 26.

Camps Bay schools marked 113 years of existence.

Glen Maclachlan, Lauren Teasdale (nee O’Donnell) and Russel Daries matriculated from the school in 1989, 1999 and 2009, respectively.

Camps Bay High School principal Dave de Korte welcomed the guests and enlightened the inquisitive minds on the history of the schools.

He touched on the school’s core values and the pride that the past pupils give them after they matriculate.

“I always ask past pupils what they regret about coming to Camps Bay schools and I always wish that someone would tell me, but sadly that never happens,” he said.

The guest speaker was Mr Maclachlan, who attended both Camps Bay Primary and Camps Bay High.

The University of Cape Town LLB graduate is now a mogul in the financial services world.

He said he had wonderful memories of the school with many pupils and teachers who are no longer alive.

“Almost all of my closest friends, I’ve made in this school. We’re now in our 40s and to this day, we
still sing the Camps Bay High School song with so much pride,” he said.

“I’m amazed and proud at how the school has grown and how they’ve continued. As great as it was 30 years ago, it’s so much better now,” he said.

Mr Maclachlan said he will always be proud to come back to the school and he hopes they will keep on building the legacy.

He advised pupils to focus on their school work and to
never do anything with a crowd that they wouldn’t do on their own.

The 1990 head prefect, Ms O’Donnell, thanked the school for the opportunities it has provided for her.

She said she was privileged to have attended the school that nurtured a close-knit community, collaboration, team spirit and diversity.

“I can see that it’s still here today, I remember long nights rehearsing school plays and choreography until they were perfect,” she said.

She encouraged young minds to nurture school relationships to change the world.

Mr Daries recalled a time when the school competed with schools such as Rustenburg Girls’ and Rondebosch Boys’ high in sports. He said they were a small school compared to those but the support and the unity were all they needed to take on big schools.

He told the pupils they don’t have to have their lives all figured now.

“Life’s a long journey and you’ll learn as you go, just be curious and explore the world,” he said.

The day included performances from the Camps Bay High School Choir and the Camps Bay High School Show Choir as well as performances from Camps Bay past pupils.