Permit pushers caught in the net

After a tip-off from the public on Sunday June 10, City law enforcement officers in Sea Point arrested three suspects for exceeding the bag limit for the shell fish they had a permit to harvest.

In total they had 597 limpets, 488 periwinkles, 958 top shell and 77 black mussel, which they harvested at Queens Beach in Sea Point.

Law enforcement spokesperson Inspector, Wayne Dyason, said this was way over the limit and this type of activity, if left unchecked, would cause serious harm to marine life.

One of the officers on the scene also noticed a dog in the suspects’ car and found it to have been reported missing in Camps Bay on Saturday night.

The owner was contacted and reunited with her dog but refused to press charges.

A 10-year-old child was injured as law enforcement officers pursued would-be ATM crooks.

Law enforcement officers and Central City Improvement District (CCID) officers on patrol in the Cape Town CBD noticed a group of men around two women tourists at an ATM in Buitensingel Street.

As this is a known hot spot for ATM crime, the officers approached the suspects who jumped into a vehicle and fled. When the officers pursued in their vehicle, the driver of the fleeing vehicle lost control of his car and collided with another vehicle. This vehicle then hit a 10-year-old street child who was sitting on the sidewalk on the corner of Loop and Bloem streets.

Two suspects were detained but later released by police because the two intended victims could not be located. The other two managed to evade arrest. The child who was taken to hospital with injuries but is expected to make a full recovery.