Plant-swopping community grows

Plant lovers gathered at Happy By Nature in Gardens to share plants.

Plant lovers gathered at Happy By Nature in Gardens to swop plants, connect with their community and mark World Soil Day last Thursday, December 5.

The event was organised by members of Candide, a gardening app that aims to help people find inspiration and knowledge about gardening and plants.

Shani Krige, who does marketing for the app, said these relaxed, easy-going get-togethers are meeting points for plant aficionados, newcomers and everyone in between. They give an opportunity to share ideas, and trade plants and cuttings – a custom that has been happening over the garden fence for decades, and the same generous spirit and goodwill can prevail.

“The plant swops are the perfect opportunity to strengthen this community, even more, to put a few names to faces, to contribute and give back, and to find out more about the limitless, enriching, wonderful world of gardens,” she said.

Ms Krige said there are over
180 000 users on the app and South Africa is about 10% of the market.”Gardening is all about sharing and this is our way of connecting with our community and the feedback from people has been incredible,” she said.

“We’ve been getting requests for more of these events in other cities such as Durban and Johannesburg and we’re planning to do more of this in Cape Town,” she said.

From purple passion fruit plants to St John’s Wort and bush bean seeds, plant enthusiasts shared their stories and everything that they are growing in their homes.

A newbie in the gardening community, Emma Abrahams said: “I’ve recently joined the gardening community. I knew nothing about it and I learnt a lot from this plant swop event. I was a bit impatient with my plants and today I’m walking away with knowledge,” she said.