Please clean the streets

Dianne Abel, Sea Point

I am writing to the Atlantic Sun in the hope that someone at the City of Cape Town offices will see this and take action.

It is appalling and disgusting to see the amount of litter that lies on the streets of our neighbourhood, i.e. Arthurs Road between Main Road and High Level Road and Inez Road, which runs at a right angle between Arthurs and St Johns Road.

I have tried many times to speak to someone at the City’s offices but after choosing an option, i.e. “Refuse”, I have to listen to long recorded messages about the water situation (all of which I am familiar with) and then beautiful classical music which goes on and on – and no one picks up.

Maybe someone can answer my question – does the City not employ street sweepers anymore?

Are we being asked to pay more rates and getting less service as with everything else?

Suzette Little, mayoral committee member for area north, responds:

The City has received numerous service requests for street cleansing at the locations listed by the resident.

High volumes of litter in these streets are likely a result of vagrants, as well as the layout of properties acting like a wind trap for litter in the wider area.

As a result, the area has been prioritised
for weekly area cleansing.

The City most recently visited the
area to perform cleansing services
on both Thursday June 7 and Monday June 11.