Post office ire

The Camps Bay post office branch has reopened its doors.

The Camps Bay post office branch has reopened following a week-long closure.

Camps Bay residents expressed unhappiness over the closure, from Monday March 18 to Friday March 22. They said the branch was closed with no information or explanation.

Moira Mallion said she went to the post office branch to collect a parcel but when she got there, a sign said it was closed with no other information.

“People have been coming to the post office every day and it’s closed and there’s no note stating when it will actually be opened. This is wrong and need to be highlighted because the post office provides services to the public and no one bothers to even inform us, we don’t even know how long it will be closed for,” said Ms Mallion.

She said she called the customer services number and spoke to someone who promised to look into the matter.

“When I called them again, I could tell that someone just picked up and dropped my call,” she said.

According to a security guard who works in the vicinity, residents had been coming to the post office the whole week and were frustrated with the closure.

SA Post Office spokeswoman, Martie Gilchrist, said the closure was the result of the branch manager being too ill to work.

“The South African Post Office would like to apologise sincerely for the inconvenience caused. We are happy to announce that the branch manager is feeling better and is back at work.”

Post office branches closing has been a growing and have caused ongoing issues across the city. Recently the Woodstock post office branch shut its doors due to a rental dispute. This is after it closed down for a week in December for the same reason. Several post office branches on the Cape Flats have also reportedly been closed due to rental disputes.

This week the post office said that all the branches have been reopened.